Montana Masterclass Demonstration Debate Video

This was the second year I traveled to Montana to teach debating. I love it. It's always a great trip. I've been posting some of the videos I created while there.  This year it was in Helena at Carroll College, next year it will again be in Billings at Rocky Mountain College.

The first night, I gave a short introduction to BP which I posted already. Immediately following that intro, we had a demonstration debate featuring some of the more experienced speakers at the workshop. After that debate, I provided a detailed critique and answered audience questions.

After watching it, I think my critique was good, but I wish I had gone into more detail on the question of swearing during debates. The more I think about it, the use of language that we consider to be "foul" has a place, but that place is often chosen first before more creative, complex, or intelligent words that could be more precise and more beautiful. That's what I should have said.

Let me know your thoughts about this debate and about my comments after!

Strking Syria: A demonstration debate and critique from Steve Llano on Vimeo.