Binghamton Semifinal: A Better Debate

Here's a better debate from Binghamton. The debaters still need to work on clear linkages of their arguments to the issues at hand or the issues that are supposed to be in the debate, but compared to the other one I posted yesterday, this one is of a better quality. Some of the teams are the same in this round, so that's a positive thing - they can debate in a more interesting way than the way they did in the quarterfinal.

One interesting moment in this video is the clash between Closing Government and Closing Opposition. Closing Opp went through to the final, as did the Opening Opp. Examining the differences between what Closing Gov did and Closing Opp did could be an interesting class exercise. Having students re-do those speeches might also be very productive.

Debate: Pay North Korea war reparations. Binghamton debate tournament 2012 from Steve Llano on Vimeo.