Karl Popper Debate Championship 2012

English: Karl Popper in the 1980's.
English: Karl Popper in the 1980's. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today is the first day of the Karl Popper Debating Championships at the  Youth Forum in Leon, Mexico

Depending on the state of the internet at the University we are hosting these debates, I will give some updates here and there about what's going on. I heard a rumor that there are 36 teams, and they seem to come from all over the world. The judges do as well.

The topic has to do with whether ethnic profiling is justified.

It looks to be a good competition and I'm looking forward to judging a few of these debates in a format that I have never officially judged before. The hotel is fantastic, the staff is friendly and helpful, and everyone had a great first night at a reception out by the pool. It was a good way to start the Youth Forum.

I begin my teaching on the 7th in the BP/Worlds track. It will be an interesting audience - they all (for the most part) come from high school debating and want to transition into BP. That's my guess anyway, but we won't really know who they are or their level until we meet them.

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