Interview with St. John's Debate Director Steve Llano

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It always seems that spring is when there's a lot of publicity surrounding the work we do in the St. John's University Debate Society.

Here is an article that was recently written about us for our Alumni magazine. It's the first time we've been in there since I started the debate program in 2007. I hope we start to feature there regularly.

This article was generated from a lengthy interview one of the writers (and St. John's alum himself) conducted with me last Feburary. I listened to it recently and I think it's a good overview of St. John's debate and the purpose of debate in general. Below is a link if you'd like to listen to it - I post it because I think my articulation is pretty good of a lot of my views of the point of debate, the reason debate should be a part of the University, and my history in debate and association with it.

This interview makes me think about the importance of the digital archive, and how oral history of debate societies might be a good project that debate directors and debate societies can propose to history departments, information science departments, and other graduate students as a good project. The digital archive in 50 years will only be as good as what we put in there today.

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