Stretching the Debate Club Model: Student Lectures

Always looking for or at ways to stretch the rather 2 dimensional debate club model of practicing, going to tournaments, and practicing some more. One of my goals is to push the envelope of the "skills and drills" defense of having a debate club. There has to be more to it than improving your chances of winning tournaments.

Without any suggestion from me, tonight we had our first lecture/teaching session at our general meeting conducted by students for other students. I think it went pretty well.

The only question I have on my mind at the moment is the same one I ask in the video: How does this connect to tournament debating? Is the connection apparent, does it matter, and if not, why and how could such a connection be made?

I hope we have a regular series of such talks as a regular part of our debate practice. The term "practice" is always on my mind in its many variations of meaning. I like to think that I teach debate practice, instead of just watching debate practice. Alternatively, I also like to think that this club is my debate practice, in a similar manner to dental practice or legal practice. But all of this is for another essay.

Here is the video of tonight's first student lecture, enjoy!  The lecture is titled: "Ethics and Persuasion: Gorgias in the age of Science." This is something that this student came up with and just made it happen. I had nothing to do with it, except to film it and ask too many questions at the end of it.