The Approach of Euros

Belgrade Euros: An insider’s view – Nederlandse Debatbond

Excellent piece by Manos on the bid for Belgrade Euros. As the current Euros tournament approaches quickly, it's already time to think about next year. A really well written piece about the work that Belgrade has done in the past few years. It's quite motivating! I wish them the best of luck in the bid process. They deserve to host this tournament.

Although I've never been, but with the increase of technology (streaming video, twitter feeds, etc) I think the experience will get to be pretty close to being there. I plan to follow whatever streaming rounds are offered as closely as I can.

Of course I could just go check it out myself. Problem is that the summer is really dead for American debating. Except for the annual debate summer institute, or "debate camp." Getting a crew ready for Euros would be near impossible for me - but other American debate directors might have better luck (or better stamina in the heat!).

Today I'm on my way to check one of the last surviving ones out at the University of North Texas.