Quarterfinals at U Mass Amherst

Three surveillance cameras on the corner of a ...

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Cornell YB CG
Colgate TL OG
St. John's FP OO
St. John's CM CO
Natale, Boyle, Owusu

Patrick Henry EM OO
St. John's SM OG
Vermont FA CO
Cornell SB CG
Teubl, Dorman, Feldman

Vermont LG CO
King's OP CG
Vermont CG OO
Colgate BC OG
Llano, Bellwood, Stiteler

Vermont DA OG
Cornell RS OO
St. John's KB Co
Clock, Boragine, Swedsboe

Results soon! Round starts at 11:10AM which is about 11 minutes from this posting.

THW substantially increase the use of surveillance cameras in public spaces.