No-Sword, No-Argument

Kami-Daigo in Kyoto, Japan

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Is the proper connection between no-sword to think in terms of no-argument?

Here is a verse from the post-samurai warrior Tesshu, who lived in 19th century Japan. I think it's a beautiful example of the principles that I hope (and sometimes unfortunately dream) that debate teaches.

Do not think that
This is all there is.
More and more
Wonderful teachings exist --
The sword is unfathomable.

The world is wide,
Full of happenings.
Keep that in mind
And never believe
"I'm the only one who knows."
(From The Sword of No Sword by John Stevens, pg. 157)

This verse has a lot to it, and a lot in it for anyone who studies competitive debating. Reflecting on it for the day, and perhaps some commentary on it tonight.