Interaction (#1)

I'm really happy to be judging wtih you, Steve.

Ugh. I hate judging. I wish I didn't have to judge.

Uhm. Okay. But I think it's going to be really nice to do it with you.

Yea, that's true. We can learn together perhaps. As long as the debate is not boring, like the last one was. 

Yea debating would be a lot less boring than judging!

Ugh. I hate debating. I think I hate debating more.

Really? What about watching debates?

No way. That's the worst. If I'm not judging or debating, I will wander off and do something else, like read or something.

So if you don't like judging or debating, why are you doing this job?

. . . . .uhm. . . . . I'm sure there's . . .something I like about it. . .

but you don't like the central constituent elements of what you do for your profession. So why are you doing it?

I guess it's like the question Slavoj Zizek asks when he asks, "What are people drinking when they drink caffine free Diet Coke?"


It's not important. It's just Coke without the elements that make it Coke. So what is it then?

Where are you going?

Perhaps I want caffine free Diet Debate. What would that look like?

I . . .uhm.  . . we should go start our round.