Last Night, Last Day, Finals

The semifinal was excellent today, too bad my camera refused to work properly. Everything seemed to go fine, but after it was over there was no file on the card. There were about 10 cameras in there including Mite streaming for IDEA - I put some pictures of him up here so you could see what the streaming set up looks like as he's hard at work. He's done a great job with very little help and if you watched any streaming debates you should give him an @ reply of thanks. :)

The round this afternoon was really excellent. The quality of debating here is always impressive, and always better each year I attend.

Last night's event had the best food by far and was at a very extravagant golf resort. Really well done. After I ate I went back to the dorms as I'm still not 100%. But I'm sure the public speaking and comedy night and masters and all that went well.


I'm not really interested in public speaking and comedy night. I wasn't a fan of being forced so sort of go watch them happen if you wanted to eat dinner. But I was a huge fan of those events keeping the singing and chanting people away from my window for a few hours. Last night was the first night where I was able to go to sleep (read: pass out) before around 3:30AM. Where do they get the stamina?

Now we are getting ready to go to the venue for the final rounds. Nobody seems to know what time the buses are leaving (some say 1, others say 2:30), so I think we have to sit in the sun in the 30+ degree weather until they show up. Oh yes, and there's no time to come back and change between the final and the dinner so black tie for everyone.

I'm not sure I know what counts as black tie, but I have a nice black suit, so that's what I'm wearing.