Gotham Debates Breaking Teams and Judges

Here are the Quarterfinal pairings:

1. Cornell YZ
16. Cornell RS
9. St. John's FA
8. St. John's KB
Panel: Boyle, Natale, Teubl

5. Kings OP
12. Vermont AF
13. Kings CT
4. Patrick Henry College RE
Panel: Hernandez, Pace, Bellwood

3. Vermont DC
14. Vermont BS
11. Patrick Henry College AW
6. Loyola Marymount RC
Panel: Llano, Jain, Langone

7. St. John's CM
10. Kings CC
15. Hobart & William Smith WK
2. Vermont GrLo
Panel: Torgerson, Snow, McPeak

The Motion for the Quarterfinals is: THB that Haiti should not try Jean Claude Duvallier.
I don't know the positions of the teams, but will update that later on!