Dateline Botswana

Well, not quite. Taking a bit of a breather at a friend's house in Johannesburg before catching my flight to Gaborone. Nothing helps you carry on with travel like a shower, a nice sofa, and a bit of cricket (even if you don't really understand it).

Achte Minute recommended this blog for updates on WUDC and I hope not to disappoint. I'll cross post stuff going on from the other bloggers that I am sure will be lurking around the tournament. There should be a number of good stories during the course of WUDC. Here's a very clunky link to Achte Minute's guide to WUDC Botswana. I really have to learn how to integrate links on my Blackberry.

Hope to see you around tonight! If you don't know, my twitter automatically updates with a link to this blog when I post something new. Follow me at "stevellano" if you would like!