Debate Video: Sems from Ithaca College 2010

I have a large video backlog, mostly because I am too cheap or too poor to afford a nice new computer that can do some serious video editing. But with the recent reconfiguration of my University-supplied laptop with some new software, I am able to edit and prepare some older debate videos from the past season for your viewing pleasure.

As always, these videos are available to you on my Vimeo site. But I'll embed them here for convenience. Feel free to link, copy and use for educational purposes. Just a bit of a sample of what we are doing in the Northeastern US as far as BP debate goes.

Here's the Semifinal from the Ithaca College tournament held last semester. I hope to put up some more in July. Right now I'm visiting family in Texas.

Ithaca College: Semifinal Round [Spring 2010] from Steve Llano on Vimeo.