Without internet, but with plenty of food

Eating and Greeting new Friends

Sorry it's been so long since an update, but we've had a lack of internet connection until the airport this morning, but my time was limited so I used it to make some necessary Skype calls. Now we are settled in Matsuyama - the apparent orange producing capital of Japan.

I will post on Matsuyama tomorrow after the debate. First I want to talk a bit about the amazing food and hospitality we have enjoyed, which makes keeping you updated a bit difficult.

Pictured is one friend we met, a squid, who was served as a garnish with our amazing tsashimi. After we finished eating all the fish, it was taken away, and our friend was returned to us fried in a delicious tempura batter. This country is amazing.

Right now I have to run to another 'drinking party' - which is where you go as a group to the bar and pay a flat rate for all you can drink, any drinks, for 2 hours. There is a family-style meal served as well during this time. And it's awesome. More later tonight as I reflect on the halfway-point for the tour.