Welcome to Fukoka

We arrived on one of the cleanest and smoothest flights I've ever taken, including the leaving of the plane which was super fast, polite and orderly. I was so stunned when the plane emptied out in about 5 to 8 minutes.

My bags are suddenly overweight, which was a problem at check in, but it has been sorted out. I need to figure out some way of losing 7 kilos of cargo between today and Sunday. Not sure what the difference could be, but I have room in my backpack, so that should take care of it.

Suggestion to future Japan debate exchange students – pack light! There's a lot of walking involved with suitcases. I did not follow this advice and now I have too much to carry around.

I am sitting in the prep room right now observing and taking pictures as we prepare to debate the Kyusyu JDA chapter in parliamentary style with light evidence. I sound like I'm writing a menu with a statement like that but it's accurate!

The debate will be before about 150 University students who are studying english and/or intercultural studies. The topic again is banning the use of cellphones by minors in Japan, but this time the American team is Government.

The style is extemporaneous but many features of policy debate will be present such as cross examination and prep time, as well as rebuttals. After the debate I'm talking for about an hour on the potential of online/second life debating for the future.