Matsuyama and Ehime University

Another fantastic stop! The city was amazing and I took many pictures. We were met by a most enthusiastic group of University students from the English Speaking Society. They took us to the hotel, then it was off to lunch!

Looks delicious no? I forget what it is called but it translates to "fried favorite." This dish is prepared on a grill, and consists of noodles and some egg I think, with your favorite items inside of it. It's like a Japanese noodle-fried pizza. I chose garlic and squid for mine, but there were many options. You can get whatever you wish.

After this, it was time for sightseeing where I nearly died, but I did get some great photos of an ancient Japanese castle.

Here's my video showing the danger we were in:

And here is my nice video of the great city view you get from the chair lift. It does seem to be a postmodern art project though with the weird people floating by in the chairs going the other way. I wasn't able to record the other direction since we left so late the chair lift had shut down. We took the gondola back, which you can see near the end of this video:

The debate was fantastic, and the most American style debate so far. There was a Topicality debate and some off-case theory debate that was pretty good. I have a tape of it that will be processed after I return to the U.S. I wish I had that macbook up and running at full capacity. I could process videos while I sleep!

After the debate, the students were kind enough to take us out for more sightseeing. This time it was to a hot-spring bath house, one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in Japan. This bathhouse was the inspiration for the one in the film "Spirited Away," a famous animated film in both America and Japan.

After trying some salt-flavored ice cream, it was time to head all too soon to the airport and back to Tokyo. It was a very fast, but very fun time here!

Thanks to the students of Ehime University for a fantastic time!