Amazing Sushi

Last night we went to a very good Sushi restaurant here in Machida. This lovely piece of Tako should give you a sense of how awesome the place was.

This was the end to a brilliant day of shopping and hanging out in Akihabara for me for most of the day. The debaters spent the day looking for a brewery in Akusa, I think. Either way it was a nice send off to Tokyo, for we leave to go to Fukoka in the morning on a very early flight.

We will be hosted by Fyushu University for a demonstration debate, as well as a lecture on my new research interest of "disembodied debating," or debating in online environments. There will be a number of students who are taking an argumentation course in attendence there, and I hope we can encourage them to start debating competitvely.

I look forward to seeing another part of Japan. Tokyo is amazing, but I want to be able to compare it to other parts of the country. Apparently the sushi is better because it is more fresh down there.

This afternoon is a visit to Tokai University for a parliamentary debate on the motion that minors should not be allowed to own mobile phones. We are government, and we are meeting for lunch to plan our strategy.