Upcoming Trip To Japan

This June I'm traveling around Japan for about a month with the U.S. touring debaters. They will engage in public debates at various sites in Japan, and I will be expected to give some lectures. I need to come up with four different topics, so i'm starting to brainstorm in the margins of memos and things I get from the administration, as well as bills and offers for credit cards in the mail (yes somehow I still get those, I don't understand how or why). Here's what I have so far:

1. Coaching Debate at the High School Level and the University level in the US (requested topic).

2. Debate as Hermeneutic

3. Policy Debate and Worlds Debate: Diction, Distinction, Difference

4. Disembodied Argumentation: Everything new is old again.

As I get outlines I will post them, and when I do them, I think I may post the videos. The trip is in June which gives me about a month to finish up this 4 disc Japanese course I'm cramming.

Now it's time to get ready to attend a small conference on Jack Kerouac in Manhattan this afternoon. Kerouac is my other research interest when I'm not talking about argumentation theory or teaching debate and argument.