Half Baked

Everything I am working on posting right now is half baked, so I can't really post but I sort of want to.

I had a fantastic time at USU Nationals in Vermont, but my video camera was being disobedient, so I have no video to show for it. However, Tuna recorded some excellent rounds and there were a few professional videos during the tournament, so I encourage you to check them out at the Debate Video Blog.

Here are the things I'm working on posting about: What a defense of a national organziation for US BP/Worlds coaches looks like, Why the CA/DCA system might not be for the United States (thinking about adding a :A Geneology but that makes me sound a bit snooty), and perhaps something about the recent Ward Churchill stuff which has me thinking about the limits of academic freedom.

So in other news, Loke Wing Fatt was here for the past couple of days and he gave me great advice about how to advance my program. He has very keen perspectives on debate, debate pedagogy, and structure - three things that I love but might not be the best in the world at doing.

Monday we have a workshop, and it's pretty much all arranged. I'm exctied to see how that goes as it will be the first function that all three of our allied schools in the area might attend.