Notes from DC

All settled in and just doing some last minute work before the workshop starts in the morning. I hope I can make a good impression on all the faculty and administrators who will be there. It appears that while I will be teaching new debaters some things about BP, I will also be making an implicit pitch for the start up of the debate program here.

I may video some of the practice sessions, lectures or debates and post them. We'll see tomorow morning how the scene looks.

For now though I'm listening to music and reviewing my notes. I don't do a lot of preparation, but I do like to make sure that I haven't left a key issue or component out of the session. In a few minutes one of my former HS debate students will be swinging by for a drink and possibly dinner. After that I will probably jot a few more ideas down for exercises and activities.

I'll give an update at around lunchtime as to how I think it's going tomorrow.