Notebook vs. Computer File?

Drinking coffee and uploading some pics to facebook so I have a few minutes to procrastinate and offer something interesting I found: Michael Bierut's Notebooks

Talk about hermeneutics. How does one read a life via notebooks? That is apparently what they stand for, or at least what I'm getting they should be interpreted as. I really like the obsession the guy has for his notebooks.

When I read, I usually take notes on the PC. I do have a couple of notebooks for ideas. One is a steno pad split between paper ideas and books to read (two lists basically). The other is a rather nice moleskine notebook that was captured and taken over by my attic Greek studies. I like the idea of carrying one around and always working in it. I'm taking notes in a smaller one now about some reading I'm doing but have a nagging fear it won't be very useful unless it's typed up in a computer file. I think this is just my obsession that everything in my life be digital or digitally enhanced.

Notebooks aren't that much harder to sift through for info. Just number the pages and make an index in the back. Or like Ray Johnson, make tabs down the side with a razor.

I'm using my planner as a notebook now, putting ideas and such on particular dates. i think that's my foray into something more like this guy - I like the linearity of it and the "archive" sensibility of the notebooks.