New Camera is here!

Sweet huh? That’s a picture of it.

It’s an HD video camera that uses HCSD cards – an 8GB gives the reading of almost 3 hours of video.

In SD DV mode, it’s 11 hours of recording time.

The amount of 11mp pictures? it’s in the 10,000 range.

I’m super happy. It was free via credit card points. And before you say anything about that, they were points accrued through paying forward debate expenses on my personal card and being reimbursed. So there.

If you want one it will run you 140 dollars plus the SD card which is about 16 dollars.  These are prices by the way.

First big test will be the practice on Thursday then videoing the scrimmage with King’s college in Manhattan on Friday night. I’m sure I’ll post at least a couple of the videos.