thoughts from the first day of the tournament

We've finished 2 debates and breaking for lunch. So far a good tournament, except I can't get the wireless to work. So you are reading this later than normal. I was thinking about starting a video podcast about tournaments but haven't started filming anything yet. I think I'll film a couple of debates today and see what they look like. I have to test the micro laptops abilities in transferring video from the flip camera anyway so that will be the test. Next prelim I'll film and try to put it up later tonight. You know how tournaments go though so don't hold me to it too rigourously.
Very good sandwiches and vegetarian chili for lunch. So far we are running on time and everyone is finding the debates enjoyable. I'm twittering the motions if you want to follow me ? my Twitter name is “stevellano.”

Narrowly averted disaster when I somehow lost the driver for my wireless card ? it's now reinstalled after great frustration and some kindness from Umass students with wireless laptops that work. Too bad the wireless codes dont work for me yet. Still trying! But I will have internet at the hotel later so I'm not sweating it.

Its later now, and all 5 debates are done for the day, but we have 2 break rounds tomorrow. I'm eager to see the draw! More tomorrow for now its time for sleep. I didn't film the prelims but will definitely film tomorrows last prelim.