Good Morning, Obama's America

It was refreshing to wake up into a world free of injustice today, thanks to all those people who voted for Obama. That's all it took. Change. Now, solvency for everything.

A couple of things that are blowing my mind, besides cynical hyperbolic claims.

1. Joe The Plumber, your war correspondent in Gaza.

2. Russia Today's Wolf Camera - Watch the wolves they cared for and released (!) into the wild live via webcam. Suck that, CNN.

3. Will Ferrel is a plagiarist, at best. His anchorman character is a total rip off of Ted Baxter, from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. More evidence that guy is an idiot. More evidence that I am too for totally forgetting this great character until recently.

4. Norman Finkelstein loses tenure track job, and the wheels come off in this interview.

5. We are all screwed.