Cork Worlds 2009 - Post 1

Yes I realize I am terrible at keeping up things here while I'm off and about doing debate stuff. It's such a great time and there are always a million great people to talk to and to meet and to re-connect with.

Worlds was like this only magnified on a global scale, so I didn't do much posting although I thought about a lot of things that I would like to say about it on several different levels. I probably should have written some of it down or something.

Well for the past few days I've lost my energy (it's about a 10 day tournament give or take) and thought mostly about going home.

And now that I'm back home from my first Worlds tournament I'm having a bit of separation anxiety and really wish I was back there in a weird way.

So I think as I think about things I'll update and put some of my favorite pictures up here as well so you don't just have to read the boring text.