I think I must be the worst blogger of all time. I can't ever remember to sit down and make a post. Well, here is a quick version of why I haven't been able to post that often.

We are doing a lot of travelling for debate. The next two weekends will be full of tournament glee. I usually post the motions and what's going on at the tournaments via my Twitter, so you can follow me there and see all the happenings.

Technical stuff- the University swapped out their reimbursement system which has been giving me big problems, so that's taken a lot of time out of the day that I could use to type things up here for your ocular pleasure.

Class - Teaching an upper level for the first time and I am being very particular about trying to make it a really good class. This means watching a lot of video and such.

Also I'm trying to get a couple of things ready for publishing, so that takes time as well.  With the library closed this term it's been hard to get into a good work habit with research.

I also have enough debate students that I could have a practice every night of the week. So ballancing the time for debate work is also taking time, oddly enough.

So perhaps a more thoughtful update later in the week as I hang out in an airport somewhere waiting on a flight.