World Schools Debate Championships

I'm here for the weekend in Washington D.C. for the World Schools Debate tournament. There are teams from all over the world who went through rigorous selection processes in order to qualify to represent their country at this prestigious tournament.

I'm here at the invitation of Professor Tuna Snider who was very gracious to invite me along to check it out. I like what I've experienced so far. Those scholars who so quickly and easily dismiss argumentation and debate as purely adversarial and antagonistic would alter their claims pretty significantly if they spent a few hours here. Clearly friendships and connections are being made and renewed across political boundaries. It does seem odd that a competitive argumentation event would generate such connections but it does.

On the way here I ran into the Quatar team in Penn station which I thought was pretty unexpected yet expected at the same time.

I'm about to go to the judging briefing and will comment on it later today. Also the approaching hurricane has canceled the tour of D.C. which many people are disappointed about but I'm sure they will enjoy the alternative hurricane inspired fun.

I'm curious what the questions and concerns will be about judging. Time to go find out. I hope the free coffee holds out all day!