A Brief Break at Home

Coming home after 3 weeks away is very nice. I'm sitting here catching up on bad TV and going through some of my mail and stuff like that.

The end of a debate workshop is always pretty surreal and somewhat sad, but it's also a nice marker for me that the next debate season is only a few weeks away.

Today I'm planning mostly for my Monday departure for a vacation in Tokyo with my wife (followed at the end with a little business - the Japanese Debate Association conference in Tama). But my mind is also filled with some new ideas and perhaps activities that I could use this year to help ensure success for the students.

So I'm jotting those down in between wash and unpacking/repacking. I'll publish them when I get a better sense of what I'm going to try out.

The most exciting thing about this year in Vermont at the WDI was having a mini-planning/brainstorming session about next year's institute. I won't divulge what was discussed in confidence, but it looks to be a promising, innovative and unique workshop.  Keep an eye on the WDI blog and start planning to attend next year.