I never thank the internet

Waiting for the bus, I'm listening to a podcast on my PSP and the host
says, "It's easy to forget just how unprecedented this is," referring
to homemade video of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan posted to YouTube by soldiers.

The unprecedented-ness of the internet is on my mind as the past couple of days were made possible only by the internet.

Met a friend of mine that I met via Skype a few years ago in person in Times Square, and it was very strange how comfortable and nice it was even though it was the first time we'd ever met.

Enjoyed what looks to be the final season of Doctor Who for a while as Davies decided to leave the show, and he's pretty much the main force behind it. Well, hiatus anyway for a while - it's the most popular show in the UK, it will return sooner rather than later. This show is made possible for me via bittorrent.

And finally I'm coordinating and planning some curriculum for summer debate workshops in Vermont and in Serbia via Google documents as well as Skype and email.

How did I function without these things?

I suppose it's easier to ratchet up than ratchet down. You don't realize what you are doing until you have to do without.

In other news, I'm loving my PSP. I have caught some of the most interesting podcasts because of it, and I find the games quite good. I think I'll pick up the headset for it today or tomorrow so that I can start using Skype on it.

Now to finish going through these old files to generate some more teaching ideas. I'm teaching some teachers next week in Vermont, and as past experience has taught me, teachers are a tough crowd - your stuff better be good. I think we'll have more than enough to do: I have to prepare them to coach in three formats in five days.