Jonathan Harris and Web Aggregate Toys

Just watched Jonathan Harris speak about his Web/Blog aggregate projects which take the seemingly random flux of online blog and photo posts and provide order to them in interesting ways.

I suggest watching his TED talk, which happened last year.

It raises some interesting questions for me.

1) Is the proper way to think about the Web, given Harris's ordering of it, as rhetorical?

2) Can we understand human motivation better given this resource, as opposed to the traditional (and I find them very dusty after watching this) suggestions we offer in public speaking such as polling, surveys and the like?

3) How can we come to understand "honesty" in polling after seeing these orderings? Are people more "honest" in blogs, or are they performing a type of "honesty" not unlike confessional poetry? What type of "honesty" do people perform in formal polls?

4) At 9:02 - This "advantage" seems to be right at the heart of IRB concerns. Is this ethical or appropriate for scholarly work? How does blog aggregate "polling" fit into IRB?

Interesting in the "universe" project that his constellations are words. Words as mythology strikes me as a bit anti-climactic. But appropriate and very insightful, especially the orbits.