I broke down and bought it

See this?flip_ultra_orange 







Yea it's pretty cool, I know.  It's a Flip Ultra digital camcorder.

I've been wanting one for a while ever since I saw my friend with one at a debate tournament.  It only holds about an hour of video before you must download the video into your computer or wherever.

It runs on AA batteries, which is a plus for me who forgets to charge everything that he owns that needs charging.

So it should be here in a week or so.

How did I afford such a thing?

Credit Card points, that's how.  I have to front all the debate team money on my own credit card, so I figure it's a good reward structure. 

I will most certainly incorporate it's use into the classroom next year, but I'm not sure how. I'll have to brainstorm once I play with it for a bit and see what it's capabilities and limits are.