Weekending is a Weekbeginning

Thought I would post some weekend thoughts on Sundays in bullet form to highlight the accomplishments, failures and general happenings of the weekbeginning/end. There may also be germs of ideas in here that might appear as posts later on.

  • Finished last season of Doctor Who which was really, really great - good to see the Master again - I missed him.
  • I wondered if behind closed doors, Barack Obama says to David Axlerod - "Can't you hear it? They never stop - the terrible sound of the drums. . ."
  • Ate a lot of junk food.
  • Cleaned up kitten poo many times.
  • Enjoyed the hell out of A State of Trance this week, as well as the new CD "Imagine."
  • Enjoying, as I type here, the new Portishead CD. Very, very nice.
  • Thinking about putting this blog as a feed on Facebook. . .
  • Watched a couple of great videos about Buddhism. One was a cartoon for kids about Buddha's life.  The other was a video about the American Zen tradition.
  • Thought about how everyone calls me Renzai but I still don't see any difference between Soto and Renzai Zen.
  • Woke up at 5:30 to sunlight and kitten breath and read Time's "100 most influential People" issue.  Again, depressed. Not a rhetorician to be found.  Or is there. . .?
  • Thinking about ditching out of reading this morning to play warcraft.