Opinions are like similies

It seems that I'm a bit behind the curve in responding to the Spitzer scandal.

I don't believe I have violated some blogger code of ethics or operating principles, but I'm fairly new to this and didn't know. So sorry if I'm not fast enough on the draw. So, apologies.

It was good for me to reflect on this scandal for a few days and also figure out how to post images to posts, which wasn't hard. This is the image that faced me on the subway at every turn.

And so I was a bit upset as I figure this woman (count how many times she is called "woman," I bet it's not many) doesn't have a great life anyway and now she is the focus of every media outlet.

I wonder why this prostitution is okay and the other is not. I wonder why she is such a bad person. Most commentators can't help but make a dig at her in some way, even if it's the dimminuitive "girl" instead of "woman."

She is an improper subject. Therefore the only "proper" attention she can get is a sublimated form of prostitution in the media.

The other obvious critique is the scopophillic one - the voyeur/exhibitionist homeostatic circle that completes the drive (Since Spitzer is a "stand-in" for us as Governor in the democratic sense, we should "see ourselves seeing," therefore everyone has the Post.)

Many New Yorkers have opinions on this woman, but I hitch my wagon to the opinion of Walt Whitman, and what a fine New York opinion it is.

To a Common Prostitute

by Walt Whitman

Be composed--be at ease with me--I am Walt Whitman, liberal and
lusty as Nature,
Not till the sun excludes you do I exclude you,
Not till the waters refuse to glisten for you and the leaves to
rustle for you, do my words refuse to glisten and rustle for you.
My girl I appoint with you an appointment, and I charge you that you
make preparation to be worthy to meet me,
And I charge you that you be patient and perfect till I come.
Till then I salute you with a significant look that you do not forget me.

Leaves of Grass available here.

The question: What is this woman's proper place in our democracy? (Italics added to emphasize what is generally left out in the public discussion, this is where Walt comes in).