Another Time, D.C.!


Another trip done. And the summer is almost done too. I learned quite a bit on this trip but now what’s ahead is the race to September. 

I agreed to help run and teach at a debate camp for the first time in a few years here in New York. Not sure what that’s going to be like. I figure if I can teach the students to read and research carefully on the internet as well as how to generate arguments from what they already know, that would be a win. In composition, I think the idea “generate arguments from your own knowledge and experience” is the sense of this weird concept of “voice,” which I have never really understood. 

I also have a lot of writing to do. A big research project is coming due in October, and right before that I plan to teach and speak in Morocco again. All of this needs to be planned and set up before courses get underway.  

Speaking of courses, I have done nothing in planning for my public speaking course which I am using two new books for. That needs some attention I think.  

So my days should be full for the rest of the month, then we start another semester of teaching. I wonder when I am actually busiest? Is it when the regular semester is running, or is it in the summer? I prefer the summertime myself even though I miss the practice of teaching. What I really like about the summer is that there’s no debate work. I think I’m really over doing debate work in the traditional sense. But I’m just getting started on an expansion of debate work in a direction that I think is very valuable. More on that in another post.  

But it does remind me I’d like to write a grant application before September 1st. So why am I posting here? Time to get on it all.