Vlogging or Blogging?

Here’s an attempt at a weekly vlog I’m going to try to put out on Fridays to complement what I post here.

I hope it’s a complement and not something that replaces what I’m writing here, but the temptation is very real.

As someone who studies rhetoric and argumentation from the speech communication tradition, it’s much easier for me to just talk into a camera instead of writing.

I do love writing though. Love doing it, never had a problem with it, and really like the idea of keeping a blog. The trouble is finding a regular time to engage in the practice.

The best fusion of worlds might be in a new podcast I’m about to start producing. More on that to come as it will have it’s own website and all sorts of ways to interact. I’m trying a different platform from the way I did In the Bin.

Let me know what you think of the vlogging experiment! And yes, I need to color correct my footage before posting it. Just realized that.