Sleep in Saturday

Woke up about 7:40 which is late for me. Allergies have subsided, so I don't think I'm getting sick I just feel like I have a cold which is the special superpower of allergies: All the feelings and nothing you can do about it. I took a tablet and I'm just waiting for it to kick in. Also waiting to get hungry so I can eat something and get the day going. 

Today there are a few errands to run, then I need to make some PowerPoint videos for my courses while I'm out of town this week. I will have to make 3 - one for Monday when I'll be in Ithaca, NY, and then one for Thursday and Monday when I"ll be flying to and from Helena, MT. I think that short videos that lead students through some things to think about are a great, easy thing to do when missing a class. 

One of my favorite things about travelling is that I can sit and uninterruptedly read for hours. I don't get this luxury in my life anymore. In fact, when I was an undergraduate and graduate student, I actually had much more free time if you believe that. I had more time to just decide to go to the library and "read around" for the day. I thought about this on Thursday night when I was talking to some of the debate students about New Left historians and some of the Marxist historians like E.P. Thompson - I read History of the English Working Class as an undergraduate in the Texas A&M Library over a Friday evening/night, Saturday afternoon. I would say about 12 hours or so. Great book and it's one that pops into my head every so often randomly. 

When I travel I bring a laptop, headphones, charger, Nintendo 3DS, and a stack of print journals I subscribe to. The goal is to leave the print journals everywhere and travel home with none of them. I want a bag with maybe one issue left for the flight home. Often I just leave them on the seat or in the terminal, or sometimes I give them to the flight attendants who don't appear to be sure what Hedgehog Review or Poetry might be about. 

It's a perfect September morning here. Sixty degrees and sunny. I think I'll go run my errands and come back to this post a bit later. 

Ok, well today was lost in a Destiny 2 haze. It's a few hours later, and it's been a great day. 

Tomorrow though, less gaming, more planning. I have about three days of classtime I have to make up for next week (Monday, Thursday, Monday). I think doing some short lectures on video should be good. I usually use something from the gaming world, OBX or Open Broadcaster to record stuff for class simply because it just looks better than the commercial education video capture software. I might post an example, we'll see.

So not only Destiny 2, but now I have Ever Oasis and Monster Hunter Stories for my 3DS, plus the new Metroid game coming next Monday. These are very good times if you like to have a lot of new games come crashing down on you all at once.