Debate Tournament Fantasy, Part 1

"Competitors and Adjudicators are encouraged to look up information before, during, and after the debate via the free WiFi and the academic databases provided by our sponsor, ProQuest."

"In lieu of the social we will have a round table featuring editors from the Economist, The BBC, Reuters, and The New York Times. There will be complementary wine and beer at a reception to follow."

"The motions for rounds 4 and 5 were crafted by members of the Law Faculty, while motions 1, 2, and 3 were created by faculty from History, Philosophy, and Politics."

"Speaker points have been eliminated from this competition; adjudication panels are to mark most preferred speaker in the round (if there is one) which will be used as a tie-break."

"This competition will have three debates and a final round, to be judged by the public using a shift-of-opinion ballot."

"The semifinal debate in this competition will be held immediately after a panel discussion on the motion, featuring faculty as well as private and public sector leaders on this issue. Members of the panel have graciously agreed to serve as judges for the debate."

"Instead of fixed point totals, adjudication panels can award the total number of points however they see fit, choosing to not award any points to a team, or all of the points in the round to one team (the total being 6)." (h/t to Buzz Klinger who I believe originated this idea).

"All of the motions for this tournament will be derived from the following 3 recent books on this issue."

"If you would like to be livestreamed, let the Org Comm know so that you may be placed in the streaming rooms."

"Although the last two rounds are closed, chairs are required to record their oral adjudication in one of the digital video booths next to the tab room. Make sure to state the room, round, and the teams in the room before beginning your comments. Copies will be provided to each team after the completion of the tournament."