WUDC Hangover Episode feat. Zoe Seaman-Grant from Bates College!

We are suffering from post WUDC hangover just like you but managed to wake up and crawl to the microphone to give you the most hard-hitting debate conversation out there!

We are so amazingly lucky to have Zoe Seaman-Grant, Debate Citizen and incredibly successful debater reaching the finals of WUDC this year in the Netherlands on the show this time! Aaron Dicker is up at Bates college for a cool MLK day debate experience with Moorehouse and Bates! if you want to watch their debate, here's the link

We discuss:

Bates and Moorehouse and the role of public/civic debates for the tournament debater

USU DCA feedback - what's the point?

The recently circulated guide entitled How to Break at an International (Women's Edition)  

The motions and the experience of Dutch WUDC - how will it be remembered?

Join us!