it's USU Anchorage Redux! Re-adjudicating the final from the 2015 USU tournament

Hello Binners! This episode is a special one where we take you inside the adjudication of a grand national final debate. We found advocates who are going to try to convince you that their favorite team should have won the final round in Anchorage this past April.

Joining us to reconsider the USU Nationals Final Round are:

Darrin Hicks from the University of Denver, who will be defending Harvard (OG)

Lindsay Bing, from Cornell University, who was on the final panel and voted for Morehouse (OO)

Rob Margesson from Regis University in Colorado who will be speaking on behalf of Brown (CG). 

Last minute props go to Steve Penner who jumped in out of the bullpen to speak on behalf of Yale (CO), who won the championship on a 6-1 split.

Let us know your thoughts about the national final! Watch it here, then listen to our episode!