Steve Penner and Buzz Klinger on motions, speaker scales, 5 rounds in a day, and more!

Happy April Fools Day! In the Bin was happy to sign a contract with NBC this morning to develop a morning radio-style show for them. More news to come as that develops!

Join Buzz Klinger (USU Champion, HWS debater) and Steve Penner (asst. coach, HWS; Hart House debater) as they dish it out in the Bin!

Steve Penner tells us about the upcoming Hobart & William Smith Round Robin tournament - why you should be making plans to head to upstate New York right away!

Speaker scales: How should we use them?

Are 5 rounds in a day too many?

WUDC registration: Fixed? Still Broken? 

Are debaters using too much jargon? Steve interviews King's Debate Society founder Matthias Clock live from the Empire Debates Tab Room.

and much more - join us for a great conversation in your favorite place to be: THE BIN!