Should there be "Kritiks" in BP Debate: The Rise of Metadebating with Dr. Justin Eckstein

We discuss the recent rise of teams refusing to debate their assigned side in a BP debate because they are personally opposed to the position they draw on the topic. 

Is this good for BP debate? Is it bad?

Is this something that should be permitted?

Our guest is legendary food rhetorician and rhetoric superstar Dr. Justin Eckstein of Pacific Lutheran University. 


Alles About Achte Minute and German Debating

Join Aaron and Steve as they speak to Johannes Meiborg and Lennart Lockstein who are in charge of Achte Minute, that amazing German debating webpage we all love to visit. 

We talk about German Debate, international tournaments, and the advantages of a local circuit.

Here are some of the links that Lennart mentioned in the show: