Alles About Achte Minute and German Debating

Join Aaron and Steve as they speak to Johannes Meiborg and Lennart Lockstein who are in charge of Achte Minute, that amazing German debating webpage we all love to visit. 

We talk about German Debate, international tournaments, and the advantages of a local circuit.

Here are some of the links that Lennart mentioned in the show:

How to Recruit New Folks for your Team, the Motions from PES in Bangalore, and Jake Silverman on teaching debate in Hong Kong

Join us for a great discussion about how to not let the summer fun become a debate summer slump! Recruitment strategies abound from the Bin Crew. 

We review the motions from the PES tournament in Bangalore!

Jake Silverman joins us for a discussion of EUDC, teaching in Hong Kong, and his work on Kialo. 

Have a listen!


If you are interested in contacting Jake about opportunities in China, send him an email! 

Capstone Prep is where he teaches in Hong Kong. Email him about opportunies at JSilverman at



Will Reilley is LIVE from KENTUCKY! Is Kialo the Prep Tool you Need? UADC Motions Reviewed, and Much More!

Time for a new episode!

We discuss Kialo the argument mapping website and it's potential uses and benefits for debaters and CAS!

Aaron takes us through the motions of the University Asian Debating Championships and we talk about what we like and don't' like about them!

Cate is a Facebook Maestro; her recent post about the nature of policy debate keeping novices out of debating sparked a great thread. We discuss it, and here it is for context: 

We also talk about JP's new podcast too! have a listen!


Debating in Spanish as a Second Language, Reading Practices, and More!

The Bin Crew is joined by ELE finalist from the recent Spanish Worlds, Megan Boyd, who shares her experiences with us!

We talk about the merits of debating in non-English languages for native speakers, and the decision announced this week by Mexico Worlds to hold the Master's debates in Spanish.

We also discuss summer reading practices, debate promotion considerations, and a whole lot more! Have a listen. 


The Spanish Worlds Motion, The recent Motion debate in New York City, and What Happened in Utah with all those Argumentation People?

Join us for a new episode! The Bin crew tackles the very heated pedophilia motion from Spanish Worlds and the question of motion writing standards and norms.

We also talk to Aaron and Cate about the recent American argumentation conference held in Alta, Utah and the implications for debaters. Could you get paid and get a free master's degree for coaching debate? (spoiler alert: yes)

Steve attended a debate hosted my The Motion Debate in New York City and talks about the experience of seeing a debate done by interested members of a public club who have little to no connection to intercollegiate debating. 

All this and more! Have a listen. 

Relevant Links mentioned in the show:

University of Northern Iowa Debate and Forensics

The Motion Debate: Live Debate Education